integrating math and Xo

Text by Kamana Regmi.

The second day of the training by OLE Nepal had a session to give the participants a touch of how the Xo can be integrated in the class. An activity on developing the concept of addition was done for about one and a half hour.The activity was about developing the concept of counting and adding. the first thing they did was colour pictures on picture cards. Then they used the same cards to play a winning and losing game by drawing a card, counting the number, counting the same number of beans, adding the beans, writing the mathematical sentence. The player who got the larger number won all the beans. Then came the role of the XO where a game with the same concept was played and students got to assess themselves through the score that was displayed in the screen.

Participants were really excited about the whole activity and said it raised their confidence on the use of Xo in their calss. Today, the third day of the training, the participants are making their own lesson plans and conducting sample classes. Hope this will raise their confidence even more.

Kamana Explains How to Integrate the XO in Mathematics

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