Piaget’s Theories in Practice

Bipul Introduces Experiential Learning

The four day long training organized by OLE Nepal introduced the concept of a Job Chart to be used in the classrooms with Xo’s.   Assigning jobs to the students for keeping the classroom organized means trusting them and making them responsible. Students first make their own classroom rules. Then they discuss and suggest possible jobs. They make a job chart with various jobs written on the pockets. The name of a student assigned for a job enters the corresponding pocket and they make sure that their job is done and the rules followed. Jobs are rotated every week so that every student in the classroom gets to do all the jobs. We believe that as students have come up with their own rules and jobs they will make sure that they are followed.


The participants heaved a sigh of relief. Taking care of the Xo’s was one of their main concerns. They said that their job would be a lot easier with the introduction of job charts in their classrooms.


Another activity in the training was Jean Piaget’s conservation test. Six children from the village were taken as sample. The floor was open for discussion after the test and a lot of analytical discussions took place. The conclusion was: Learning becomes meaningful for children if it is derived through the use of concrete and hands-on materials. This meant that the Xo was not to replace the teacher and the real experience which children needed to go through in the process of learning but only to be an aid to learning where learning becomes more meaningful, abundant and fun.

Showing how kids perceive the conservation of matter

Showing how kids perceive the Conservation of Matter

An Experiment from Piaget

Estimating the Length of a string

Manoj Explains how he intends how to use the Job Chart in his classroom at Bishwamitra

Manoj Explains how to use the Job Chart at His School

2 Responses

  1. Manoj Ghimiray April 3, 2008 / 1:11 pm

    In my personal view,Jean Piaget’s conservation test,which we took for six different children was not a success.Since,the result obtained fromdifferent researchers were different.In such type of research, the researchers should not use thein own logic,when they are given fix options for fix answers.
    I think it occurred due to the communication gap between the teachers and the instructor.
    Most of us were confused by the questioning style also.

    But, the results were generalised which gave quite amazing conclusion than Jean Piaget’s theory.

  2. azna banu June 16, 2012 / 11:18 pm

    awwsom i want get sum ideas abt maths lessons

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