More Technical Notes from Teacher Training

Sound failed on one of the XO’s. Rebooted twice and
now it works. Weird.

It is not intuitive how to add new activities to the XO. We really
need a Synaptic-like activity manager for removing and adding

Adding activities from a USB is not intuitive. Even if the Journal is vastly
improved, a file manager is not the best tool to add/remove
activities. Open-source hackers of the world, please assist!

Currently you can add activities from the command-line with
sugar-install-bundle or from a USB. To remove activities you have to
rm -r the activity’s install directory and then restart
Sugar. Restarting Sugar isn’t so bad but it is not practical for most
users to have to ‘rm -r /home/olpc/Activities/Read.Activity’ every
time they want to free up space.

It is also very confusing how to remove content once the SSD fills
up. Perhaps C. Scott Ananian’s olpcfs addresses these issues. I guess
I should read his wiki page before I write any more 🙂

I am a heavy command line user and I still like using Synaptic package
manager. The whole point of Sugar is that kids don’t need strong
literacy and numeracy skills to use a computer. If we require them to
use the command line, we are expecting them to already be both literate and

We need a GUI for changing the XO’s nickname. Besides adding and
removing actitivities, this is command-line intensive

The proper screw drivers for XO maintenance were missing from our
toolbox. Argh! Rabi will bring them tomorrow.

Once you download something in the web browser, the “Download
Completed” bar won’t go away.

Read Activity won’t work on any of the XO’s. We are using version 44. Or maybe I have screwed up the launching mechanism. I have created a custom web browser bundle that points users to the E-Pustakalaya “E-Library.”

We need to do a lot more testing for the library and School
wikipedia. Since we did virtually no testing it will be easy to
improve. We also need to use Moodle, really need to use Moodle.

Manoj from Bishwamitra School and Neema from Bashuki School will join us for three days of technical training next week at our office. I am so glad that we have found two technically inclined teachers. They will make Sulochan’s life and my life much easier over the next few months.

3 comments on “More Technical Notes from Teacher Training

  1. Please avail yourself of the OLPC bug tracker to submit a bug for any of the software and hardware!
    If anyone would know of problems to fix, you folks would!

  2. prabhas on said:

    1. Activity removal will be simpler in the next version of Sugar, where there will be a list that will allow easy deletion.
    2. One of the mini-conferences today talked about making addition easier by giving activities being run on the mesh by other people the ability to download onto your machine, but seems a little far fetched.
    You should really file a bug that asks for a mechanism to push updates, which (COULD) be implemented simplistically (ie, not a LOT of securtiy concerns there), and would suffice for MOST use cases.

  3. sounds great. I haven’t been able to follow up on this or to participate in the mini-conference because I have been too busy w/ teacher training.

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