A hilarious sample class

Although late i’d like to share what happened at the sample class that two of the teachers gave during the training. The trainers as well as the trainees played the role of Grade two kids. It was wonderful to see how adults could be kids given the opportunity. Although the whole atmosphere was hilarious, teachers realized how difficult their professional class was going to be with the presence of the Xo. Problems regarding the flaws in the activities to complaints of kids pushing and nudging each other and messing up with another child’s Xo, were vivid.

Complaints like “Sir, his activity is already open there is nothing in mine” to “Sir, he is pushing me” and “Sir, he is playing another game in the Epati” made us go back to our own childhood.
It was a good thing that we planned to put this activity in the training as it prepared the teachers on what to expect once they start using the Xo and not be too overwhelmed.