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Technical Training for Teachers

April 7th, 2008 By:bryan · 1 Comment

Manoj and Neema are in our offices today for technical training. Manoj and Neema were the star students in last week’s teacher training session. Unfortunately, Neema will only be w/ us today and return on Friday for more training. We’ve got Manoj for the next three days.

Here is the rough training schedule we have in mind

Monday (today)

  • How to update the firmware, use test-all, and test individual hardware pieces
  • how to install an os image and customize the bundles in it
  • Fix two bad XO’s we have in our office
  • Basic wireless networking
  • Basic use of EToys


  • Review flashing firmware and OS
  • Add and Remove activities
  • How to free up space on the XO
  • Basic linux utilities and troubleshooting
  • More Etoys
  • Play w/ additional activities they haven’t had the opportunity to explore
  • School Server – start and restart XS services. How to restore the XS from backup


  • More School Server, more networking
  • Time w/ Kamana if possible
  • Explore issues Manoj is interested in

By Wednesday I hope to have a two-page cheat sheet for basic maintenance tasks for Manoj and Neema.

Suggestions are most welcome!

Manoj and Neema in technical training

Manoj and Neema learning basic Forth

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  • 1 Rodolfo Pilas // Apr 8, 2008 at 8:54 am

    I am Uruguayan and I have been teached teachers about XO.

    As you know Uruguay is the first country that are giving XO to all public school students.

    However, I and my colleages, do not know how to update firmware or how to install an OS image.

    Can you please publish a tutorial?

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