Technical Training for Teachers

Manoj and Neema are in our offices today for technical training. Manoj and Neema were the star students in last week’s teacher training session. Unfortunately, Neema will only be w/ us today and return on Friday for more training. We’ve got Manoj for the next three days.

Here is the rough training schedule we have in mind

Monday (today)

  • How to update the firmware, use test-all, and test individual hardware pieces
  • how to install an os image and customize the bundles in it
  • Fix two bad XO’s we have in our office
  • Basic wireless networking
  • Basic use of EToys


  • Review flashing firmware and OS
  • Add and Remove activities
  • How to free up space on the XO
  • Basic linux utilities and troubleshooting
  • More Etoys
  • Play w/ additional activities they haven’t had the opportunity to explore
  • School Server – start and restart XS services. How to restore the XS from backup


  • More School Server, more networking
  • Time w/ Kamana if possible
  • Explore issues Manoj is interested in

By Wednesday I hope to have a two-page cheat sheet for basic maintenance tasks for Manoj and Neema.

Suggestions are most welcome!

Manoj and Neema in technical training

Manoj and Neema learning basic Forth

One comment on “Technical Training for Teachers

  1. I am Uruguayan and I have been teached teachers about XO.

    As you know Uruguay is the first country that are giving XO to all public school students.

    However, I and my colleages, do not know how to update firmware or how to install an OS image.

    Can you please publish a tutorial?

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