My experience with OLE-nepal

Hello World,

I am Manoj Ghimire from Bishwamitra Ganesh Lower Secondary School.I have been working in this school for last two years.I teach maths and science for the lower secondary level.

I am also an ex-student of this school.When the school upgraded from primary level to the lower secondary level, they needed extra teachers but there wasn’t any source to pay for the teachers.I worked as a volunteer for a year since,it is my school and my community.From last year onwards,I am working as a fulltime teacher.

We are glad to be selected as the pilot school for the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ programme.

Last month,we had a four day Teachers’ Preparation Training.The training was organized and conducted byOLE-Nepal.OLE-Nepal is the partner of Government of Nepal to implement the programme to the government schools.The theme of the training was to instruct the teachers how to use the E-Paati(Nepali name of xo laptop) in our traditional method of. teaching.Since, most of our teachers hadn’t used the computers so far.So, it was totally a new thing to use the E-paati .The training become very useful to us.They selected me from my school and Neema Lama from Bashuki School for the three day technical training.

I am right now at the OLE-Nepal’s office at Sanepa,Lalitpur. This is day-2 of the three day technical training.We are very excited.Yesterday,Neema and me stayed and learned together.We learned about disabling the security,changing the firmware of the E-Paati and testing the whole things.We also learned to change default locale to nepali and to install the activities.We too got some information about wireless networking.Manoj and Neema in technical training

Yesterday evening,Neema had to leave due to some election purpose.He will return on Friday.

Today,I am learning about basics of commandlines used in the Unix/Linux,which might help me solving the simple problems in the school server.I have to study about the Linux OS this week. We are also going to fix some faulty E-Paatis. Moreover,we are going to look at the school server.

Remaining: I’ll post later or after some days.

5 comments on “My experience with OLE-nepal

  1. Greg Smith on said:

    Hi Manoj,

    Wow, from never teaching with a computer to running commands at the Linux prompt in 4 days!

    I could almost recognize Nepali characters from 1 – 10 after playing with one of your e-Paati tools, but it took me months before I could type anything useful at a Linux prompt 🙂

    I look forward to more posts. Let us know what you like and what you don’t like. What is easy and what is hard.

    In general, I would love to hear any comments you have about this experience.

    Good luck!


    Greg Smith

  2. Good luck Manoj.

    This sounds like a really cool project

    in London

  3. We are interested in co-operating with your on wireless projects. Please contact me back by email – . Thanks!

  4. Bishwa on said:

    Key to learning Linux is by practising and more practising. Glad to find this site and learn about the activities. Namaste.

  5. A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means.

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