Presentation on Network Security and Vulnerabilities

Yesterday I decided to share with the team an overview of a Wired and Wireless Network and how certain loopholes in them can pose a threat to our data and confidential information. Due to lack of time I could not cover, “How to secure the network from such vulnerabilities” Which I hope to cover another time along with Web Server Security.

Below are the topics that were covered during the presentation.

Network Analyzer and Sniffers:
An overview of Wired and Wireless Networks & key distinctions between them.
Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) on wireless networks.
Gateways and Routers.
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and how ARP requests could be re-routed to a specific MAC.
Mac Cloning, Ip Spoofing.
Creation of fake RSA certification for a MITM (Man in the middle) attack.
MITM attack with ARP poisoning and Denial of Service (DOS).
Decryption SSL dumps.

DEMO given on the above, to read captured passwords from a live ssl session over Wired/Wireless Network.

Remote administration tools:
DLL injection.
Firewall bypassing methods even over NAT.
Browser Hi-jacker.
Anti-virus bypassing methods with the use of Compilers, Packers and Compressors.
Anti-virus Signatures.

Demo given with a Yahoo IM Trojan with DLL injection capabilities and how confidential information could be retrieved without the user knowing off it.

Later had a feedback from the guys, that they had thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and were looking forward to more of such stuff in the future.

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  1. Sounds impressive stuffs and quite relevant.

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