2 comments on “OLE Nepal Newsletter May-Jun 2010

  1. Sameer Verma on said:

    Are there any plans for sharing the e-pustakalaya software in its current modified form for other projects? If so, where can we hope to find the code?

  2. Sameer:
    E-Pustakalaya uses Fedora Commons and Fez, both of which are open source software to power a web-based library. Fedora Commons is the back-end system that manages all the repository based things, whereas Fez provides the web based user interface to Fedora Commons. Apart from the standard distribution, we have customized the default look of Fez to adapt it for children and have a distinct navigation and feel.

    If you want to use the same system (as E-Pustakalaya), you can install all the underlying system, which you can find from:
    1. Fedora Commons: http://fedora-commons.org
    2. Fez: http://fez.library.uq.edu.au, http://sourceforge.net/projects/fez/
    3. Our Customizations: http://git.olenepal.org/pustakalaya

    I’ve also written an installation guide that might help you with installing these systems: http://asingh.com.np/content/fedora-commons-installation-and-configuration-guide and http://asingh.com.np/content/fez-installation-and-configuration-guide

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