Bringing Raspberry Pi to classrooms

There is so much going on in technology these days. Technology has brought unprecedented changes in our daily life, retooling the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we make our living and more. The things that were considered as science-fiction a few years ago, is now a real thing. But, compare the classrooms back in the 90s and now, do you see any change? For the major part, it’s more or less the same. It’s a no-brainer that we have been scared to adopt new technology to our classrooms. It is said that Socrates was scared of this new technology called “writing” which he thought would erode the memorizing power of human. There was a time when people were intimidated by the use of the calculator in the class, for it may jeopardize the calculating power of the human brain. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the fact of how technology can be leveraged to extend the knowledge imparting process, for education today is not about what-you-know, but what you can do with  what-you-know. With growing MOOCs and learning materials available over the Internet, that are not only adding the new dimension in learning today, but also making the learning process more fun. Also, the students today are more adept in using technology, so taking technology out of the learning equation would be alienating the student of their abilities.

At OLE Nepal, we strive to bring the best new technology to our classrooms. It’s never easy to embrace a new piece of technology, for teachers are resistant to the change, with factors like power cuts and budget making up a huge share of challenge. So we set our selection of the technology based on the 3 prime constraints; low-powered, portable, and low cost. And for these traits, Raspberry Pi steps up as the knight in shining armor.


Computer setup with RPi image source


           [ image source]

Produced in Cambridge, Raspberry Pi primarily designed to demystify the technology in the classrooms for the learners, is a credit-card sized computer that costs only $35. The device plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. You can use this mini computer just like you would your desktop computer to do everything from browsing the internet and playing high-definition video, to making spreadsheets, word-processing, or playing games.

How is OLE Nepal using Raspberry Pi?

Mountain View

Typical E-Pustakalaya lab setup

Predominantly we build Pustakalaya Server, which is typically a mini PC, hosting educational contents major section which is the E-Pustakalaya, which is digital library of more than 7000+ books of different genre build on the FEDORA (or Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture) digital asset management (DAM) architecture upon which institutional repositories, digital archives, and digital library systems are built. We also have added to it our home-brewed, curriculum-based interactive teaching material; E-Paath, off-line Khan Academy videos, Open-street map, Nepali Sabdakosh, PheT simulations and much more, with a regular update to books and educational content. Basically, Pustakalaya Server is the offline version of the It’s more like bringing the Internet to your classroom.


After successful implementation of the XO and desktops computer as the client machine, Raspberry Pi, with its amazing community, is a pertinent technology to bring in our classrooms. We have been tinkering the popular Debian-based Linux-distro, Ubuntu-Mate. With its active popular community, it is best OS to our option. We have preloaded E-Paath content into the OS itself. Since most of the activities in our E-Paath are currently flash based; flash support was an important feature to have in the OS. Debian-based OS have much better flash support, it was another reason why Ubuntu-Mate was used. We also have loaded BalPaathmala, which is a small repository of the books, into the OS hosted on Apache web server.  We have been customizing the OS to make it more educational with the interactive games. Our work so far is just a tip of an iceberg.


Class 7-8 EPaath interface


Raspberry Pi Desktop




Pustakalaya Interface


EPaath Interface

Some of the features we are currently working on:

  1. Synchronization with Server.
  2. Student activity statistics collection in Server.
  3. Auto-running mount scripts.
  4. Using docker or lxc containers for  the installation and upgrades.

Where is this being implemented?

We have initiated a pilot program at Gorakhnath Secondary School, Kirtipur where 18 Raspberry Pi with preloaded educational content was deployed. It was a challenging experience as it was a-first-of-its-kind of deployment for us. We had a 5-day training for the teachers about pedagogy as well as the technical aspects of using the Raspberry Pi in the classroom. The primary purpose of the training was to inculcate, amongst the teachers, a culture of referring to additional reference materials. Looking at the excitement of the teachers, its just seems that ‘direction’ and ‘training’ were what was stopping technology from getting into their classrooms. We also installed the battery backup system for an uninterrupted flux of the lab. We are regularly providing technical support for the class as this is a pilot project for us.


Raspberry Pi Lab Setup


Students taking EPaath Class

While deploying XO laptops in the far west

I was quite excited from early on. Our team of two (Basanta Dai and myself) were heading towards far-west Nepal on January 12th. It was my first visit to far-west – Bajhang to be specific, and my first experiences of deploying XO (E-paati) laptops. I had my bags ready with necessary stuffs for two weeks long visit. In addition of being a person who loves traveling, this visit had an important value of its own. We were deploying 300+ XO laptops to thirteen schools in remote location where most of the teachers and students were using computers for the first time in their lives.

After staying one night at Dhangadi, district headquarter of Kailali, we loaded our vehicles with laptops to be deployed the next day. We started our journey towards Bajhang at 9 in the morning and reached our destination Jhota Bazaar in evening where we were staying for next few nights during the deployment at nearby schools.

Starting our duties, we handed over the laptops to the school representatives and headed for deployment. We were working with two separate teams comprising of a technician and a volunteer. My team conducted total of six new deployments and one support visit while the other team headed by Basanta Dai conducted around seven deployments. We had systematically planned to meet after completing deployments in each cluster to share our experiences.

6+ hours of walking through inclined ways

Our adventure began by climbing a hill to the school from bazaar named Bagthala. We were heading for a support visit. We had two students guiding us on our way to school which was alarmingly inclined and narrow. I was quite surprised by the physical structure of the area where the school was located.

We visited our first school but the journey was not over yet. We walked for four hours more to reach another school. Teachers were walking along with us to guide us through our way. Returning back, it took us six hours of walk to reach our shelter. We were so tired and could not wait to have a good sleep. Next morning, we woke up to a beautiful snowfall on the nearby hill. The beauty took our remaining tiredness away.

While fulfilling our agendas of the trip, I also experienced new things about the people of Bajhang. People there, especially children, processes fresh rice (Dhaan) and flour on their own. Each evening they have their duty to process the rice for next morning. One of our meals was rice cooked from their own farm and it was delicious. Their Bajhangi language was quite different from that of ours – we were struggling to understand them. Some words were similar to Nepali words but some had twisted pronunciation. Overall, the people were warm and welcoming. We were glad to have received their kind hospitality.

Children preparing rice for next morning

After completing installation at first two schools, we headed for the next one which was near Deulekh. This area was easily accessible in compare to the previous ones. Two hours walk was the longest for us to reach to the school. Nevertheless, it was tiring. But again, it all disappeared in our arrival when we saw happy faces of students and teachers greeting us warmly. Fourth school had the largest deployment with 42 XO laptops along with fourteen desks and benches. We also had to rework the electrical wiring in order to make spaces available for furnitures and laptops.

Teachers using Epaati after installation

Like Deulekh, Chainpur area was our next destination. The pathway of 2.5 hours of walk from Chainpur to school was easy, but with no one to guide us, we had to enquire with the locals on many junctions. At the school, teachers were quite excited and enthusiastic about the laptop program. We were thoroughly motivated by their response.

As our next school was near to the same school, we decided to stay there for the night. Teachers had happily arranged our stay in their computer lab. The meal of evening (bread with curry and milk) was prepared at the school kitchen and it was really delicious. According to the locals, most people traveled to India and had worked there as cooks (hence, the reason for delicious meal).

Next morning we headed for our last school which was around an hour away from the current school. As it was located quite near to the mountains, we got to see snow covered ones too closely. The view was beautiful and refreshing. It helped us carry our work smoothly – we were enjoying the moment.
On our way back, we were feeling really cold and increased our pace a little to stop by a shop for a break. Narrow width path and the height of a hill was frightening during that time of the day. We had such an adrenaline rush. We would have gone down the hill in one slip. Even though we were very careful, our friend Sawal had a minor accident. He twisted his leg and had to use a walking stick to reach Chainpur.

School where 12 XOs were deployed

Apart from all the adventure of hiking up and down the hill, we successfully completed deployment and installation at newly selected schools of Bajhang. It still feels good to remember those faces of students and teachers delighted with the joy to use laptops in their schools.

On our way back to Dadeldhura, the snowfall delayed our journey but we managed to reach our hotel that evening. We also conducted support visits to two schools in Dadeldhura and I was so glad to visit our project schools of four years back. It was delighting to see the schools still applying this innovative approach to learning which was helping students learn different concepts interactively.

Our fourteen days long deployment journey had completed. Regardless of all the adventures faced during deployment, the satisfaction came with the completion of our duties which was eventually going to help students have access to quality learning resources which was missing in those areas otherwise. I hope to see some amazing improvement among the students in my next visit to Bajhang.

Training of Trainers

Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal) began the first part of training teachers to integrate E-Paati (XO laptops) in classroom teaching-learning process by conducting a four day training workshop on March 22-25, 2009. This training was designed to train master trainers from the Ministry of Education’s teaching training body, the National Center for Education Development (NCED), for the next round of OLPC laptop deployment planned for April 2009.

The training covered a wide range of topics including IT literacy, classroom arrangement and management, challenges in using laptops in the classroom, maximizing use of laptops both at home and school, non-technical issues and their possible solutions, parents and community awareness, etc.

The workshop was conducted at NCED’s training center in Sano Thimi. The fifteen participants included five trainers  from NCED’s central office, as well as four Education Training Centers (ETCs). Program Officers from four District Education Offices also participated in the workshop. These trainers will go out to the pilot districts to train teachers of the schools where the XO laptops will be distributed.

The first day of the training started with an opening speech by Rabi Karmacharya, the Executive Director of OLE Nepal. He gave an overview of OLE Nepal’s mission, strategy to integrate ICT based teaching-learning method in Nepal’s education system. That was followed by remarks from Mr. Mahashram Sharma, Director General of Department of Education (DoE), who highlighted on the role that the OLPC project can play in improving the standard of education in Nepal. He also applauded OLE Nepal’s exemplary  work in this area. Finally, Mr. Harka Prasad Shrestha, Executive Director of NCED thanked everyone involved in the process and hoped that this step in building NCED’s capacity to train teachers in ICT-based education approach. The exposure to E-Paati and its activities were a novelty for the participants. For many, it was the first time that they saw the laptop. They were also amazed to see the variety of things that could be done in such a small machine. All participants agreed that this initiative has the potential to bring a revolution in education by improving quality of and access to education materials. Dr. Saurav Dev Bhatta, Education Director of OLE Nepal, who was also the heart and soul of this workshop, conducted the major parts putting strong emphasis on how this training should be delivered to teachers.

OLE Nepal had prepared a training manual with help from trainers from NCED, DoE officials, and teachers from the current test schools. A copy of the training manual was given to each participant. By the end of the workshop, participants had read through the manual and discussed its strengths and weaknesses. Their feedback was taken positively and necessary amendments were made before it was made ready for the residential training for the teachers of our pilot schools. Most participants commented that this training manual followed a new modality that was very effective and should become NCED’s standard training manual on ICT-based education. They also expressed the opinion that the training program should be turned into one of the standard training programs that NCED offers to public school teachers all over the country. This workshop ended on March 25, after a one day break these participants joined the residential training for teachers from the pilot schools in Kavre district. During this seven day training program, the master trainers are expected to get a firsthand exposure on how to train teachers to implement the processes outlined in the manual.

This training is currently being held at Malpi International School, Panauti. In addition to observing the training sessions for the seventeen teachers from three pilot writing service agreements schools of Kavre district, the trainers are also participating actively by conducting at least couple sessions a day. This time, the work load has been divided among the trainers from NCED and the OLE trainers. The NCED trainers are doing a good job by trying to show the connection between child centric education philosophy, learning styles and the E-Paath activities. It is encouraging to see that eight of these enthusiastic teachers from Kavre district are female and despite their family responsibilities, they have opted to join this training. Two of them have little children and one is in her later stage of pregnancy. Four of these female teachers come from Jana Jyoti school where XO laptops had already been distributed last year. The teachers said that this was the first time they learned how to open the laptops. They commented that they did not know children could have learned so much using these online laptops. Although they had taken a long time before deciding to join this training, they do not have second thoughts about their decision. They now feel that the laptops from last year that were being stored in children’s houses will now come to life.

Activity Descriptions

I have just about finished writing the activity descriptions. The descriptions are meant specially for the teachers who would be using the Epaati activities in their classroom. The aim and objective of the activity, which part of the curriculum it is related to, which topic from which book it can be integrated with, supplementary materials, related website, related part of the Epustakalaya etc. etc.(although we are not yet applying some of them). Most instructions on how the Epaati activity is done and a suggested pre-activity and post-activity lessons. A detailed instruction is written for each activity. Besides, details of a non-Epaati activity are also given. This activity is suggested so that the teacher does not feel lost on what background children should already have before they start the Epaati activity. Another non-Epaati activity is suggested to be done after the Epaati activity. This is done to reinforce the topic covered by the Epaati activity. It did take a long time writing all these descriptions but they are not yet ready to be delivered to the concerned teachers as they need to be translated in Nepali.

Bipul Gautam has already started the translation and we hope to finish it soon. The descriptions are meant specially for the teachers who would be using the Epaati activities in their classroom. You might wonder what these are. Well, each Epaati activity has a description of its own. It mentions the aim and objective of the activity, which part of the curriculum it is related to, which topic from which book it can be integrated with, phone spy supplementary materials, related website, related part of the Epustakalaya etc. etc.(although we are not yet applying some of them). Most time consuming part is the instructions on how the Epaati activity is done and a suggested pre-activity and post-activity lessons. A detailed instruction is written for each activity. Besides, details of a non-Epaati activity are also given. This activity is suggested to be done before any Epaati activity is introduced so that the teacher does not feel lost on what background children should already have before they start the Epaati activity. Another non-Epaati activity is suggested to be done after the Epaati activity. This is done to reinforce the topic covered by the Epaati teacher. It did take a long time writing all these descriptions but they are not yet ready to be delivered to the concerned teachers as they need to be translated in Nepali. Bipul Gautam has already started is there a generic viagra the translation and we hope to finish it soon.

A hilarious sample class

Although late i’d like to share what happened at the sample class that two of the teachers gave during the training. The trainers as well as the trainees played the role of Grade two kids. It was wonderful to see how adults could be kids given the opportunity. Although the whole atmosphere was hilarious, teachers realized how difficult their professional class was going to be with the presence of the Xo. Problems regarding the flaws in the activities to complaints of kids pushing and nudging each other and messing up with another child’s Xo, were vivid.

Complaints like “Sir, his activity is already open there is nothing in mine” to “Sir, he is pushing me” and “Sir, he is playing another game in the Epati” made us go back to our own childhood.
It was a good thing that we planned to put this activity in the training as it prepared the teachers on what to expect once they start using the Xo and not be too overwhelmed.

Busy with post training review.

We are cheap viagra online in usa back to work after the training and busy generic viagra for sale revising the activities. We hadn't review cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy online pharmacy realized that the rush before the training dilaudid online pharmacy had left a lot of flaws in the activities meant for children.

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