Moodle on school server

I am putting a few moodle screenshots, that shows the idea of separate grouping. Lets say there are three users: Admin/teacher, user1 and user2 (students in grade 2 and grade 6).

The teacher will see this on his/her moodle screen:


This is what user 1 who belongs to group class 2 will see:


And this is what user 2 who belongs to group class 6 will see:


When you click on the course class 2 or class 6 it will take you to the modules available within that course. So its not acutally a course design, but an easy way to mange resources for kids who might have very basic or no knowledge of using a tool like moodle.


This grouping is easy to do, and can be used to manage different age group of students. Each grade level can have a separate group and work with in that group. It becomes easier for teachers and administrator to manage resources accordingly. It will be great if we can get a Nepali language package, so that things can be displayed in Nepali. I don’t know if English as a medium of communication will discourage kids to use these features.

So, the idea is to create some sort of auto-login, that will take say user1 (when he tries to access http://schoolserver/moodle) to the page shown above for group class 2 . He need not remember his login, or know how to get to his course pages. If we can somehow tie this auth feature to the XO, that will be even better.

Comments, and ideas are welcome.



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