We welcome Two New Volunteers to Nepal

We are very excited to have two new volunteers working with us to
advance the OLPC project in Nepal. They come from very different
backgrounds but with the common goal to improve education for the
world’s poorest, and umm, of course they are also excited to work with
super cool technology.

Dev and Ties

Dev Mohanty (left) and Ties Stuij (right)

Ties Stuij comes to us from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He is a
long-time Common Lisp hacker who knew Luke Gorrie from Lisp
conferences. He also has a background in journalism and hopes to do a
good bit of writing about the OLPC project in Nepal. You can read
about his work with Common Lisp open-source projects at his personal
website http://fallenfrukt.com. Ties will be working very closely with
our Development team to build exciting learning activities. He expects
to stay in Nepal for approximately five months.

While the technical aspects of this project fascinate Ties, he is
motivated by a larger social concern. “I have always been concerned
with the problem of inequality. OLPC has an exciting opportunity to
address the problem of inequality in education and I am here in Nepal
to contribute as best I can.”

Dev and his lovely lady friend Manisha

Dev and his lovely lady friend Manisha

Dev Mohanty is originally from Bangalore but has lived for many years in France, Singapore, and Bangkok. He has an extensive background in
mobile communications, primarily with Ericsson Corporation. He is
particularly interested in using WiMax technologies to connect rural
communities to the Internet (by iracema). Recently he participated in the WiMax
installation in Cambodia.

Our Director of Networking, Mahabir Pun, has been dragging Dev around
rural Nepal for the last several months, connecting rural villages to
the Internet as part of the Nepal Wireless Project. For the next several months, Dev will be working with
myself and Sulochan on connecting the pilot school to the Internet,
hardening the mesh network, and improving the School Server. Due to
his experiences connecting rural Nepali villages to the Internet, Dev has
seen first hand how Internet access can improve the quality of life
for rurall communities. “I am excited about working on this project in
Nepal and I hope that the work I do here will help similar efforts in India.”

We are always looking for talented contributors to come work with
us in Nepal, but you don’t have to come to Nepal to make a big impact on the OLPC project. Tony
Pearson of IBM has been extremely helpful in developing our school
server configuration. Greg Smith has helped with project
management and finding out what other pilot sites are doing.

4 Responses

  1. Hemant / Pradyot March 16, 2008 / 6:55 pm

    We are developing a Wimax Network for Kathmandu and also the rural areas of Nepal. We believe that poverty can be eradicated to a large extent by these technologies which empower the masses. It would be very nice to get in touch with Mr. Dev and other involved in the Wimax and OLPC project in Nepal. If you read this pls contact us. Thanks

  2. Prajib June 4, 2008 / 12:16 am

    learnt something new. I might contribute next time i come to nepal. this would be a great way to connect rural schools.

  3. DEV May 7, 2009 / 7:39 pm

    Gr8 frend u have one

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