Rajan Chand Cares about His Kids

Rajan Chand 

Rajan teaches social science at Bashuki. He is one of the most
enthusiastic participants in the program. Currently his only tools in
the classroom are chalk, a blackboard, and the government textbooks.

He gave us a lot of constructive feedback. His favorite game was the photographic adding game. He says that the English activities were good but not nearly as good
as the maths games. The maths games have competitive elements, sound,
and some animation. Rajan liked the English games but they lacked
sound, timers, and animation. We need to create some great English
games that are just as fun as the maths games that kids will play over
and over again.

Kamana and I emphasized to him that the teachers themselves are the experts here
and we will work in partnership with them to develop the best
materials, teacher training program, and support system.

One of the subjects Rajan teaches is geography and we discussed a
jigsaw puzzle where the student first had to put together the
geographic zones of Nepal, then the districts, then the major cities.

I suggested a game where you had to place the different ethnicities in
their ancestral regions. Rajan very politely disabused me of this idea
as it would certainly cause ethnic tensions to flare. Good thing
Nepalis are in charge of this operation and I just handle some
technical matters and documentation.

Rajan approached me about the need for educational games about
culture, particularly the large festivals like Dashain, Holi, and
Tihar. In time we need to cover the festivals for different ethnic
groups such as the Tamang, Rai, Sherpa, Tharu, etc. He also would love
to see “thematic” modules that teach English, Nepali, social studies,
and mathematics.

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