Day 4 and I am Exhausted . . . And Energized


We have been working from 8 am in the morning until at least 11 pm for the last 4 days. The experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. The teachers have been fantastic to work with and have many good ideas how to implement OLPC. This is great as they ultimately are the implementers of this project.

 Training Materials

Training Materials that Saurav, Bipul, and Kamana prepared

Our Teacher Trainers

Our Teacher Trainers: Dr. Saurav Dev Bhatta, Bipul Gautam, and Kamana Regmi

They really appreciate the training program. I don’t think this pilot would be nearly as successful if we didn’t put as much effort into the teacher training. The teachers will have a two week break from training after today. We hope this break will help them absorb what they have learned. On April 13th we will have 3 days of onsite training that will involve the kids. During this training the teachers will lead a meeting with community members explaining this program. The teachers are designing this program themselves.

We had persistent problems w/ the touchpad on several XO’s. We held how the keys in the 4 corners of the keyboard and this seemed to fix the problem temporarily. I need to better understand this issue.

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