XO Maintenance and Repair

Proud Dis-Assemblers 

left to right: Neema Lama (Bashuki), Kamal Lama, Manoj Ghimire (Bishwamitra) , Dr. Saurav Dev Bhatta (OLE Nepal)

In the evening, I got to lead one section on my favorite subject, taking apart the XO
and putting it back together. I was at OLPC headquarters back in
January for a learning conference. During the conference, I took apart
3 XO’s in one morning. I think some staff at OLPC cringed a little
when they saw the mess that I created. Luckily, I put all three back

Manoj, Neema, Kamal, and Saurav participated in the XO disassembly. Neema showed a
facility for disassembling the XO. Manoj did well also but worked too
quickly. I emphasized the importance of keeping all the screws in one
cup. We also put the screens aside in a safe place once we removed them.

We had several tools but it became apparent that you need two tools to
take the XO apart, 1 small philips head screw driver with a good grip
and one small flat head screwdriver for disconnecting the smaller
connectors. Manoj and Neema had difficulty disconnecting some of the smaller
connectors with their fingers and needed the flat head screwdriver.

Neema worked very quickly and was only held back by the fact we only
had two screwdrivers for three people. Manoj also did well.

We took apart the entire XO, including the keyboard.

We started disassembling the XO at 8:45 pm and put it back together by
11:30 pm. This matches my previous experiences. It takes about 3 hours
to disassemble and re-assemble the XO on the first try. Subsequent
tries require about 1 hour.

Manoj Takes the Screen Apart

Manoj puts the keyboard back together

Manoj puts the keyboad back together

2 Responses

  1. Manoj Ghimiray April 3, 2008 / 1:38 pm

    The idea of disassembling and again assembling back the E-PAATI machine became a quite interesting thing for me.Bryan talked to Neema and me about this on the very first day but we didn’t get time ,and finally on the third day evening,we started.

    When we started, i thought it was quite easy.but as we worked on,i became nervous since,the number of screws were increasing .

    I have a bad habit:I always try to finish the work fast and do simple mistakes.
    So,when we were assembling back,It became quite ridiculous for me .
    In this case, Bryan helped me a lot.
    Finally, we finished before midnight.
    Brayn had already gone to bed.

    It build my confidence.And I learned many things from my mistakes.
    Next time,i think it won’t take much time for me to repeat the process.

  2. Jack April 16, 2008 / 12:59 am

    To keep the tiny parts (screws) from
    getting lost or mixed up, I put them
    in an ice cube tray. One cell in the
    tray for each type of part. Best of luck.

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