Notes from first few days at Bashuki and Bishwamitra

From an e-mail written by Rabi Karmacharya

Here are few observations and suggestions from the first few days at Bashuki and Bishwamitra:


1. Cursor has been a nuisance, especially in Bashuki. Bryan is working to resolve this. A combination of dirt and moisture (sweat and finger licking by kids) could be the problem. This will seriously compromise our activities since we have relied heavily on drag-and-drop action. Bryan/Sulo
2. Battery: No report on battery malfunction from the kids yet. There was a problem with one teacher’s (Manoj) battery whereby the battery indicator was not working (both light and on screen). Bryan


1. Frame: We have ask OLPC to stop the frame from popping up when the cursor is moved to the sides or corners. It is really annoying for the kids, especially when they are having cursor problems. Bryan/Sulo
2. Volume Indicator: It would be nice to have a volume indicator that shows up when kids press the volume keys so that they can see what level they are at. Bryan/Sulo
3. Sleep mode: Teachers often ask the children to fold the laptops in the middle of a lesson when they need their attention directed towards the teachers. When the kids open the laptops, and press the START button to resume the activity, the XO hangs from time to time, forcing them to reboot the machine. This wastes a lot of valuable class time. I was able to replicate it once at the school. Bryan/Sulo
4. Would be nice to have the volume level display when you change the volume. Not critical


1. Make the selected Class and Subject more distinct so that users know where they are. Right now it is difficult to tell. OM
2. Make a numbering scheme on the main E-Paati page so that it is easy for the teachers to instruct which activity to open. We should do this in line with our future plan to categorize the activities of each class/subject into weekly bundles. OM
3. Instead of the small “Loading” notice, we should put something bigger with animation while the kids wait the activities to be loaded. OM
4. The volume of the sound clips have to be consistent. Right now one sound clip is louder than another. OM
5. The pronunciations have to be more un-American. OM
6. The spelling has to be consistently British (Color is spelled in the American way on the E-Paati main page) OM
7. There is a spelling error in geometry memory game. (Obtuse is spelled Abtuse) OM
8. The blue triangle cannot be dragged in the Triangle game. OM
9. Game Over is two words, not one. OM
10. Go Shopping: There should be an error if the user clicks the wrong button, and not just when the wrong number is entered. OM
11. Trash Can appears in few activities: Quick Multiplication, How Many Sheep. OM

Long Term:

1. We have to include some mechanism by which the teachers can check the HW that kids do on the E-Paati activities.

I have assigned the change/bugs to the individual in RED. You can change the assignment to the another person where appropriate. But this should to into our internal management system. Bryan/OM



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