Bryan Berry — External Relations Director

BryanBryan has worked on the One Laptop Per Child
Project as a volunteer organizer for over a year, primarily as a
grassroots organizer. He is a native of the USA and currently lives in Kathmandu. He has committed to working in Nepal for an additional two years.

For the last five years Bryan was a member of the United States Diplomatic Corps. He has served as IT Manager at US diplomatic missions in the Middle East, Asia, and most recently Kathmandu. At the American Embassy in Kathmandu, Bryan managed a staff of 17 persons and a $2 million dollar annual budget. He oversaw IT services for over 540 staff at the embassy.

His responsibilities at OLE Nepal include:

  • OLE Nepal’s relationships with OLE International and OLPC.
  • OLE Nepal’s dealings with other International NGO’s
  • Coordinating Foreign Volunteers
  • Internal IT management

Bryan has a B.A. in Computer Science and has ten years experience in IT. His previous positions included beingan IT Trainer, project manager, software developer, and marketing IT services.


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